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The Indiana University Men's Coalition

The IU Men's Coalition (IUMC) brings students together with the support of faculty, staff and administration to effect change in the traditional expressions of masculinity at Indiana University. You can show your support by purchasing an offical IUMC ManUp! t-shirt.

For additional information, you can also download a copy of the IUMC informational brochure.

Upcoming Events for the IUMC

You can find out more about IUMC and other events on the StopCampusRape event calendar.

Why a Men's Coalition?

While IUMC is open to all students, the focus is on reaching and educating men on the IU campus. Primarily the task is to educate men about sexual assault as a problem males must face. Sexual Assault will only end when men stop sexually assaulting! For this to happen, men must take personal responsibility for a culture of masculinity that victimizes women.

Historically, women have been at the forefront of violence and rape prevention initiatives. IUMC was created to provide male students the support and structure they need to get proactively involved and to communicate to this campus that sexual assault is not just a women's problem. Men need to "step up" and take responsibility for educating men and challenge those aspects of masculinity that support a "culture of rape."

IUMC Activities

The activities sponsored, encouraged, and supported by the IUMC include:

  • Workshops
  • Training Events
  • Conferences
  • Speakers
  • Fundraisers
  • Men's participation in "Take Back the Night"
  • Thursday's in Black campaign

IUMC's Goals

IUMC's goal include:
  • Educating the campus community on positive images of masculinity.
  • Decreasing the acceptance of rape , sexual assault, and socialized gender roles and increasing understanding about Rape and Sexual Assault.
  • Developing an infrastructure for long term programming on men' issues.
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue t explore changing definitions

Where to get more information about the IUMC

To get more information about the IUMC, you can contact info@iumc.stopcampusrape.com.